January 26, 2012

Interactive Science Simulations

For those teachers with a SmartBoard in their classroom it is always exciting to find new websites and content that will allow students to get up and interact with the lesson.  The University of Colorado has a website that has a tremendous amount of simulations for use in a science or math classroom.  You can run the sims on their site or download them to your computer.  You can even embed them (blog, wiki, website) to allow students to access them more easily.  I tried one of the sims and found it to be very fast and user friendly.  Click the image below to launch the see-saw simulation.

Now What?

These simulations are a great way to engage students in authentic applications of science and mathematics.  You can set this activity up in your classroom as a station or have the entire class make predictions and evaluate the outcomes of the sim.

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Kurt said...

I have used the Phet simulations for a couple of years now. They are very good and quick to run. In addition, most of them have worksheets or lessons developed by other teachers to work with each simulation.