January 26, 2012

Audio & Video Editing

I am always learning about new and exciting sites and tools online for use in the classroom but this week I was really excited about a couple of the finds.  Myna is just unbelievable for editing audio.  Being that I was once a DJ who was using digital multitrack boards on a daily basis, I was blown away by how much you can do with Myna.  In the past I have used Audacity for my recording jobs in school but this is much better in my opinion and it is web-based without the need to download a single file.  Check out the demo below of Myna and how easy it is to use.  Another music site that I found this week is Musicshake where you can create your own music using point and click selections.  You choose the instruments, tones, and more on Musicshake and then you can mixdown your file and share with the world.  It is essentially a limitless mine of copyright free music that students can use for classroom projects and assignments.  I immediately fell in love with Musicshake because there were a number of different presets and genres to use which made it too simple to create your own piece of music in seconds.  Lastly, but probably my favorite is WeVideo which I reviewed earlier this week.  This is simply the best video editor I've seen on the web for free.  Check out the video tutorials below for a quick look at the interface of each of these programs.


Music Shake


Now What?

With these great free programs at your disposal you will be unstoppable as a classroom teacher.  You can be making your own audio and video now for your classroom lessons.  If that seems a bit much for you :)...have your students check out these sites and let them get to work on a creative assignment where they are the director.