January 20, 2012

Rhyme N Learn

Looking to introduce a concept in an interesting fashion?  Check out Rhyme N Learn and you will be all set.  Rhyme N Learn is a website where you will find nothing but squeaky clean rap songs with lyrics about math and science topics such as cells, Pi, quadratic equations, scientific notation and many more.  Rhyme N Learn is a great site and can lead to some great discussion in class about the lyrics and content.  I watched the "Don't Let Pi Make You Cry" video and found it very amusing.  Check it out below to see for yourself why Rhyme N Learn will make a great addition to your classroom.

Now What?

If you have a blog for your classroom this would be great to post for discussion and comments.  You could also show this in class or for a homework and then have the kids review the lyrics and explain the meanings or discuss vocabulary.  You could even have the students write their own songs based on what they have seen on Rhyme N Learn.  I signed up for new updates so that I will always get the latest songs sent right to my inbox.

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