January 20, 2012

Get The Math

As a teacher I was always trying to find ways to incorporate music and pop culture into my classroom because the kids really connect when they are learning about a topic that is interesting.  Enter Get The Math...a fun website where students have to solve authentic problems that hip-hop producers, fashion designers and video game programmers deal with everyday.  While on the Get The Math site I tackled the hip-hop producers assignment and being a former dj...it was right on point!  The problem was that there were two samples and their BPM (beats per minute) were unmatched making the song sound bad.  The students have to calculate the number of beats in the sample and then the BPM in order to make the beats match up.  Get The Math is a great site for inquiry based learning and the videos and materials were very entertaining.

Now What?

If you are a math teacher looking to incorporate some new and engaging algebra lessons into your classroom then this site is for you.  Currently there are only three areas to explore but they are an excellent start.  You could even have your kids create authentic math problems for each other after completing some of these exercises.

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