January 9, 2012

Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects

In the past when I had students working on projects, we always had a difficult time getting sounds effects and music on the web.  Students wanted to bring in their iPod or record a song from YouTube to use but we always had to keep responsible use in mind.  The website Partners in Rhyme always seemed to find its way into our classroom offering sound effects and music for free use as well as royalty free use.  What's the difference?  Royalty free means that you purchase the music and can use it an unlimited amount of times.  Free means free of charge completely.  Partners in Rhyme offers royalty free music for purchase but also a large amount of free sound effects and music as well.  Another website that I have used in the past for free music for projects has been Free Play Music.  This site has a tremendous amount of music which is searchable by style and feel.  I like to use this site for digital storytelling because students can find music that matches the mood of their story.

Now What?

Get these sites up onto your class webpage and talk with students about responsible use and the term royalty free.  It is important for students to understand what is available for them on the web and how they can use it.

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