February 8, 2012

Funnel Brain

I tested out a new flash card creation site today called Funnel Brain.  I was very impressed with how easy it was to use and setup cards.  After creating an account, I was able to immediately get started creating flash cards using text, audio, images, and video.  This is one of the few sites that allows for multimedia on the flash cards and absolutely the only one that allows for video.  While reviewing the cards that I created, I was blown away by the "funnel" which is a learning algorithm that spaces out your flash cards according to whether you got the answer right or wrong.  After four consecutive successful answers the question goes into your brain.  Very interesting.

Some of the features that I really loved about Funnel Brain was the ability to create cards and share with a team.  This is something that will allow students in your classroom to work together to create their cards and then study together.  There is even a chat feature which will allow them to talk while studying.  The layout of Funnel Brain was also very user friendly and easy to navigate.  Below is a question set that I created based on HTML:


Now What?

Funnel Brain is an excellent educational tool that students will enjoy using because of it's social nature.  Studying in isolation is not nearly as much fun as reviewing with a team of friends and the ability to talk to one another while working is excellent for discussion.  Educators like Funnel Brain because you can guide your student's review and also see who has accessed the cards to study.

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