February 18, 2012


Mentimeter is a great website for quickly polling your audience without having to register your class or create an account.  In seconds you can create a question and have your audience head to the URL using a computer, tablet or mobile device.  Mentimeter also provides a bar chart which provides real time statistics based on the responses being submitted.  What I really liked about Mentimeter was that you could also generate QR Codes for each question.  This makes it even easier to get students to the question and answer them faster.

Now What?

Mentimeter is a great site for formatively assessing your students and getting immediate feedback.  If you have students who have SmartPhones you can create a short pre-assessment using Q Codes for each question and have them use a QR Code reader like ScanLife (iTunes | Android) to get to the questions.

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Gabrielle said...

Yea, I've used this in my class...Kids really like this. It's a good quick assessment with integrated technology!