February 17, 2012

Smart Learning Space

Looking for some professional development in the area of Smart Notebook or any of the other Smart products?  Check out the Smart Learning Space for some great courses on how to effectively use Smart's educational tools.  Creating an account is free and allows you to take an unlimited number of free courses at your own pace on the web.  For those who are looking for more advanced courses there are also some fee-based classes and certificate tracks (e.g. Smart Certified Interactive Teacher) that you can take.

Most of the courses in the Smart Learning Space are very short and offer you a chance to self-assess at the end with a quiz on the material.  I did a quick search and there are several Smart Notebook courses available including Introduction to Smart Notebook and SmartBoard (1 hour), Smart Notebook Content Creation (2 hours), and Working with Ink Aware Applications (1 hour).  I have taken several courses on this site and have found them to be very useful.

Now What?

With February Vacation coming up for many teachers this could be a great time to take a course or two on using Notebook or any other Smart tool.

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