March 14, 2012


Pinnion is a site which claims to be different than most survey sites.  I tend to agree.  I created a quick questionnaire using Pinnion incorporating each of the different questions types and content areas and found it easy to use and full of features.  Many teachers have asked me about a web-based classroom polling tool which has an app and allows for open-ended responses.  Pinnion has both.  It also generates a terrific data report that you can download and review.  Below is the Pinnion that I created...

Now What?

Using Pinnion was very quick and easy and I was happy to see that you could offer open ended questions to students.  This could be a great way for your students to take a CFA on a phone using either the web or the Pinnion app which is available in the App Store and Google Play Market.  You could also choose to allow students to complete a Pinnion anonymously and use the feedback to inform your next lesson.  One great feature for teachers is the ability to create "Channels" which can be used as separate classes.

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Barry at Pinnion said...

Hi Mike, it's nice to find your blog. I know we traded a couple of emails while you were setting up your Pinnion, but I wanted to chime in here and encourage your readers to leave a comment or to contact me via the Pinnion web site with any questions about using Pinnion for quizzes and surveys. Thanks for featuring us.

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