March 6, 2012


Later today I will be offering a workshop at my school on web based flash cards.  I have used both Funnel Brain and Quizlet before but will focus on Quizlet because of the available apps you can use on both iOS and Android devices.

Quizlet offers four study modes: flashcard, speller (spell what you hear), learn (keeps track of learning and focuses on those you get wrong) and test mode (with leader board).  Quizlet also offers two games called Scatter and Space Race which were easy to learn and fun to play.  I like the fact that scores are kept in a leader board off to the side so that students can compete with one another.  Students and teachers can also chat  and discuss the flash card decks through a feature that can be moderated and turned on or off for each deck.  On Quizlet there are several ways to share flash cards and invite people to see the decks.  One way to share a deck is through the password feature which will allow students to access private cards without having to create an account.  Some other great features of Quizlet are the ability to have the cards read to you in multiple languages.

Check out a visual demonstration of Quizlet below:

Now What?

Quizlet is an extremely powerful web based application that students will love to use for studying.  The collaborative nature and flash card based games and quizzes will keep them entertained and focused on the content.  Check out my YouTube Quizlet Channel for some quick how to videos.

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