March 6, 2012

Scholastic Book Reviews

Scholastic has a great website where kids can write their own book reviews or read what other same grade students are saying about books they have read.  The name of this website is called Share What You've Read and it is very simple to use without registration or an account.  If a student wants to write a review they can fill out the online form or visit the writer's workshop page which has information about writing a good review.  Students can also read book reviews written by their peers as well.  Overall, Share What You've Read seems like an excellent resource to help validate student writing and assist them in evaluation what they have read.

Now What?

Most schools have students write book reviews but they generally never leave the classroom or teacher's desk.   Share What You've Read  would be a great way to encourage your students to write for a global audience and give them the opportunity to publish their work.

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