March 22, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 3

In this week's installment, offer your students the opportunity to create a story using a very simple editor created by Google and YouTube.  Before you proceed...each student must have their own YouTube account (comes with Google account) in order to publish and share their story.  If they do not have a Google account they will not be able to share their completed story.  Check out the assignment below:

Website: Google Search Story Creator

Activity:  Google search story creator is a really neat way to tell a story using something we all do everyday...Google searches (websites, images, maps).  A Google search story could tell the tale of how a scientist like Mendel created their genetics theory or trace the path of a character in a book.  You could also encapsulate a current event from start to finish (makes a great timeline) or work through a math problem (don't forget that Google does more than just word searches).  This could also be a great way to create a "how to" story.  Have fun with this assignment and let your students be the creators!

Example:  My Koala

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