March 23, 2012

Poll Everywhere

I wrote about Poll Everywhere a while back and have since revisited the site to find some great new changes.  Just recently they have allowed for images and equations to be used in their polls.  Check out the video below to learn more about those changes.  What I also found to be pretty cool was the PowerPoint integration.  On the Poll Everywhere site you can download a PPT file which has your poll embedded in a slide which will update in real time.  This would be excellent for those teachers looking to embed a poll into a PPT presentation that they already have created.  The best feature about this site is the ability to text in an open ended response.  This would be a great way for students to ask their own questions rather than just answer yours.

Image Support for Multiple Choice Options from Poll Everwhere on Vimeo.

Now What?

Class polling sites are popping up like weeds right now on the web and that means that it is even easier to get a pulse for your classroom during instruction.  Poll Everywhere is a great tool for formative instruction and the texting feature and PPT export makes it the best available option in my opinion.

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CEHD Tech said...

we love using Poll Everywhere in meetings & are trying to teach our Professors how to use it.