May 31, 2012


Droplr (found it on Educational Technology Guy) is a free cloud based file sharing service where you can share uploads up to 25MB by simply dragging them to the site and then sharing the link.  With the free account you also get 1GB of storage on their server.  It's very easy to use and if you have ever dragged and dropped a file you can use Droplr.  In addition to the web based version you can also access Mac, Windows and iPhone apps for Droplr that offer the same functionality but from your desktop or on the go.  If you are looking to upload more than the free 25MB you can access their Pro plan for $3/month or $30/year and have the ability to upload up to 1GB.

Now What?

Droplr is a great way to share files with others without having to e-mail them the file.  This would work great for teachers looking to have students access a file outside of school by supplying them with a shortened URL to access from home.

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