May 30, 2012

Language Immersion for Google Chrome

Language Immersion for Chrome is an extension available in the Chrome store for the Chrome web browser.  The purpose of the add-on is to help you learn a foreign language (pick one of 64) by immersing you in the language while you browse the web.  Here's how it works.  Language Immersion will switch certain words and phrases on sites that you visit into your selected language. This authentic approach to language acquisition is a very interesting take on language theory.  It sort of has the same premise of Duolingo but goes about it in a different way.  I also like that you can change your skill level using a slider between novice, intermediate and fluent and also roll over a word to hear it pronounced.  Take a look at the video below to see the Language Immersion add-on in action.  If you would like to install this add-on just head over to the Chrome Store.

Now What?

This tool can be an excellent resource for anyone trying to learn a language both in school or out of school.  For ELL students this would work very well in reverse at they would know the language of their native tongue but would be learning the English through context.  Speaking of context...wouldn't this be a great way to teach about context clues?

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