May 16, 2012


Explania is a site that I like a lot for learning about a topic that is new to me or that I don't fully understand like "How does the digestive system work?"  I also used to use it quite often in class to teach about a computer related topic that wasn't already explained by Common Craft.  The videos are short (usually 3-4 minutes or less) and do a nice job of explaining the topic in clear and understandable terms.  The fact that the videos on Explania are animated also make them more enjoyable to watch.

Check out the animated explanation for Twitter below to get a better idea of the videos on the site:

What is Twitter? - Explania

Now What?

Everyone can benefit from using Explania because they have so many animations on such a wide variety of topics.  The videos are short and you can even embed them onto a website if you wanted to share them with an entire class.  If you are looking for other sites that offer video explanations of academic subjects you can also check out Qwiki and Common Craft.

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