May 15, 2012

GCF Learning Tutorials

GCF Learning Tutorials is a site I discovered on the blog Thoughts of a Cyber Hero.  The site has a number of tutorial videos on a wide range of topics related to computing and they are self-paced and easy to follow.  You can even quiz yourself when you are finished watching a series using the quizzes on  GCF Learning Tutorials.  This site reminded me of some other self-paced professional development sites that I have encountered over the years.  For more information about those sites, check out the Tech Messages website which has lots and lots of Ed Tech tools broken out by category.  Check out the image below to get a quick idea of the number of topics available.

Now What?

Whether you need to brush up on a skill or two in Excel or have absolutely no idea how to use the internet, GCF Learning Tutorials has a tutorial for you.  This would be a great site to share with students as well so that they can become more proficient in using these programs.  Also, each series has a quiz that you can have your students take to demonstrate their proficiency.

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