May 8, 2012

Google Docs Updates

With the creation of Google Drive there have been some really great updates to Google Docs.  On the Google Docs blog I discovered the creation of the following useful changes (amongst others):

  • Over 450 new font additions to Google Docs.
  • There are now a few more options for inserting images in Docs, including inserting from Google Drive, searching for images from the LIFE Photo archive, or taking a snapshot with your webcam.
  • Charts in spreadsheets now has support for minor gridlines and options to customize the formats of axis labels .
  • From File > Page setup... you can now set the default page size for your new documents. 
  • An increase in the allowed attachment size in emails from 5MB to 25MB. 
  • An increase in the size of docs files you can create from 2MB to 50MB. 
  • There are now over 60 new templates in our template gallery.
Now What?

And here you just thought that Google created Drive to house all of your documents.  It seems like Google Drive is going to make a real push for your online storage needs as well as your document creation, publishing and sharing needs.  For those of you who are using Google Docs exclusively instead of other proprietary (more expensive) options, this is a terrific development!

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