May 4, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 7 - Popplet

This week's technology assignment uses a website called PoppletPopplet allows users to create an interactive bulletin board with text, images and video.  As you add more and more to your Popplet board you can even link those "popples" together to show relationships and tie everything together.

Website: Popplet

Activity:  This site can be used either for a homework assignment or more extensively as a project which can be presented in class.  Teachers can also use this site as a way to present information in class.  If you choose to assign this for students...have them create a concept map for a topic that you are currently studying or in place of a PowerPoint presentation that they are going to create.  Popplet can be a great tool for summarizing a book or science topic like the digestive system.  In a social studies class you can create an interactive timeline of events by creating a horizontal Popplet.  Math students can even use Popplet to show their work and explain the process of solving a quadratic equation.  NOTE: There have been issues reported with using Internet Explorer so it is advised to use something like Firefox or Google Chrome when using Popplet.

Example:  Harry Potter


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