May 29, 2012


Smore is a great site where you can create professional looking flyers in a matter of minutes.  Smore uses a simple drag and drop interface with lots of templates based on your type of flyer (event, newsletter, business).  Recently they linked up with the audio sharing site SoundCloud so you can even add a widget with audio into your multimedia flyer.  Besides audio you can also add the following content:

Smore is currently in beta testing but has opened to the public.  You can head over and sign up for an account today using your Facebook log username and password or create a new account from scratch.

Now What?

Smore is a great site with a lot of potential.  Teachers are always creating flyers for events at school or in their classroom and now Smore eliminates the need to fuss with MS Word or Publisher.  Students can use Smore to create flyers for their own events or they can use them to create an informational flyer about an event or person they are studying.

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