May 28, 2012

Advanced Prezis

In a couple of days, I will be delivering a presentation to the Connecticut Association of Business Officials on the use of educational technology in today's 21st century classroom.  I have been doing a lot of reading and also pushing myself to learn how to use Prezi in a more advanced way.  I got to searching around the web and found some really amazing creations using Prezi .  I thought that I would share a few of them for those who are looking to become better at creating zooming presentations.  Take a look at each one and notice how they are presented in a different way but each use the same basic skills of zooming, panning, and incorporating creative images to set the tone of the paths

Advanced Prezi 201

Brand D Prezume

PowerPoint Man

Now What?

I have been talking to several classes about using Prezi lately and it always seems to be difficult for students (and teachers) to really harness the power of Prezi without seeing it firsthand.  It is a very daunting task to create an amazing presentation from a blank canvas.  Using the Prezi Community you can find some excellent examples like the ones above and get some great ideas to use with your own presentations.  You can even get yourself off the ground by creating a copy of a public Prezi you like and then editing it with your own content.  If you are just getting started using Prezi check out the tutorial below which will walk you through the basics.

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