May 1, 2012

Websites Like

Websites Like is a search engine that provides you with a list of websites that are similar to something else that you have visited and enjoyed.  Using Websites Like is very simple and easy as long as you have a website in mind that you have visited and found useful.  Simply drop the URL into the search box on Websites Like and then click on search.  You will instantly be provided with up to 50 websites similar to the one you entered based on an special algorithm which searches indexed sites based on popularity, Google page rank and more.

Now What?

Students use Google all of the time to search for pages but what happens when they find one that they like and they want to get more information?  Websites Like is a great next step for those students and also teachers who are looking for similar resources to what they are already using in the classroom.

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Brandt Schneider said...

use related: in a google search.