June 8, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 11 - Easel.ly

Infographics (information graphics) are very popular in social media because they are easy to read and full of information.  Ultimately, I prefer to read them because I can get information from them without actually having to take the time to read (gives me more time to blow bubbles with Jillian or shoot hoops with Ali).  In this week's assignment, you will be using a site called Easel.ly which is a drag and drop builder for creating nice looking infographics.

Tech Tool:  Easel.ly

Activity:  With the school year winding down, many teachers are asking students to demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the school year.  For this activity, students (and teachers) can create a visually appealing information graphic about that topic.  Teachers...I'm sure you have more data than you care to admit.  You can use that data to create an end of the year graphic.  Students can use Easel.ly to do the same but focused on a topic.

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