June 8, 2012


Soshiku is an organizational website that I found out about on Free Tech 4 Teachers.  It is geared toward older students looking to organize their classes and assignments. It made me think back to my stubby little assignment notebook that I used to carry around all day everyday writing down my homework.  Once registered on Soshiku, students can add their courses, assignments and even receive e-mail or text message reminders before each assignment is due.  Adding content is easy on the go using SMS text messaging.  You can also add dates and assignments from a PC/Mac as well.  The feature that stood out to me on Soshiku was the ability to partner up with someone else and share the management of content.

Now What?

With school being so fast paced, it's important for students to have a way to track everything in one convenience location.  The ability to use texting and e-mail to add assignments makes it nice and easy to stay on top of coursework.  For students with a lot going on outside of school this is a nice easy way to stay on top of everything.

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