September 20, 2012

SMART Ink & Document Viewer

With the latest release of SMART Notebook 11 has also come a new way for you to annotate outside of Notebook using what is called Digital Ink.  SMART Ink is very similar to the "transparency mode" that you may remember where you would see what looked like an old school transparency dropped over the top of your SMARTboard when you picked up a pen outside of Notebook.  There are a few differences however.  Read below to find out more...

SMART Ink (more info)
  • Annotate over any application outside of SMART Notebook (e.g. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, CD-ROM Applications).
  • Clear your Digital Ink with the click of a button
  • Capture your Digital Ink to a Notebook file
  • Create multiple ink notes (up to 20 at one time) that don't go away when the window is minimized
SMART Ink Document Viewer (more info)
  • View and annotate over PDF files
  • Print PDF documents with or without annotations
  • Not available in Mac OSx

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