September 21, 2012

YouTube for Teachers

I recently checked in on the YouTube Teacher Channel to see if there was anything new and what I found is something very useful for teachers using YouTube in their classroom.  On the YouTube Teacher Channel you can now search by subject and grade level to find videos that will fit with your curriculum standards and class lessons.  Check out the image below to see how nice and easy it is to find videos that have been hand selected by teachers for your classroom.  In addition to the video library, users can also access content about how to start a YouTube channel as well as other tips for getting started with YouTube in the classroom.

Now What?

You may not be ready to start recording your lessons and "flipping" your classroom but YouTube is a great resource for bringing concepts to life and engaging your digital natives.  If you are using YouTube already, be sure to check out "A Cleaner YouTube" which is a Google Chrome extension for removing the clutter around your video.

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