November 7, 2012


Glogster is easily one of my favorite tools for creating on the web.  I learned about it a few years ago and use it whenever I have the opportunity.  In my school there is one teacher in particular who uses it whenever he can with his students and has even gone as far as purchasing a premium educator account in order to access his student's work and provide feedback.  I recently co-taught a class with this teacher and created a Glogster tutorial for the students to access outside of school.  If you are interested in getting your students involved with Glogster you can share the tutorial below and help them to get started.  For lesson ideas and more be sure to check out Glogster's comprehensive Educator Resource Library.

Now What?

In order to get those kids Glogging you will need to have each student create their own account on Glogster.   Keep in mind that Glogster is a free public domain and there may be some content that is inappropriate in the gallery of Glogs.  Glogster EDU provides a safe space for students but there is a cost associated.

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