October 5, 2011

Smart Response Clickers

Many of you have been using the Smart Board for some time now and may be looking for a way to make its presence even more interactive in your classroom...for that purpose, let's talk about the Smart Response clickers which are used in conjunction with Smart Notebook.  The Smart Response program is basically an instantaneous way to get feedback about what students know or don't know.  They can be used to ask a quick spur of the moment question during a lesson or even as a summative assessment as opposed to traditional paper and pen.  Watch the video below to see the power of this tool as it even gives you data and graphs using the student scores.

FYI...at the middle school we have one set of clickers while at the high school there are two sets being passed around.  If you would like to know who is currently using the clickers please send me an e-mail.  Also, if you would like to set up a time to work on setting up a lesson using the clickers, I'm here when you are ready!


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