May 23, 2012


Looking for a fun site to use for image editing?  I recently stumbled onto Dumpr and found it very easy to use and home to some new image effects that I haven't see on other sites.  Simply choose an effect such as photo to sketch, rubik's cube, or photo inside of a photo (among others) and then upload your image to see the effect applied.  I really like that you only have to choose an effect and then upload your picture without having to fuss with settings and other options.  In order to share your photos, you will need to create a free account which gives you the ability to save and share socially.  Check out this cool effect that I used below called sketch artist.

Photo Fun
Dumpr - Photo Fun

While on the site, I also noticed this awesome app that they have created called Group Shot which allows you to take several photos and pick parts of each to include in the final copy.  For quick overview check out the video below:

Now What?

Dumpr could be an excellent site for teachers looking to use photos in an interesting way in their classroom or students using photos for a project in class.  For more sites like this check out my page of image creation and editing websites.

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