December 6, 2011

Class Pager

A while back I wrote a post about Class Parrot which is a site that will allow you to setup your classes and then send text messages to their phones without ever sharing your phone number.  Class Pager is another site like this with the same capability with one clear are given an unlimited number of texts.  Class Parrot limits the number of texts per month.  One catch is that you can only have one free class on Class Pager and then for $9.99/month you can get up to four more classes with unlimited texts.

Now What?

This is a great tool not only for you classroom but also clubs, sports, etc.  I use Class Parrot with my yearbook students and it is much easier to get a message to them that way than by e-mail or announcement.  You can also use this website to ask students questions via text and they can write you back.  This would be good for anonymous feedback about something in your classroom.

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