November 28, 2012

SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer

Did you know that your students could be accessing your SMART Notebook lessons outside of school?  Check out the SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer and you will see how your students can download a free Notebook viewer which reproduces all of the lesson content and interactivity.  One of the best parts about this viewer is that you don't need the internet to access the files.  Once downloaded, users can open a SMART Notebook file and its attachments without an Internet connection.  You can even view flash files, videos and object animations which are embedded in the file.  One feature that I know students will love is the ability to use the digital ink to annotate over the file.

Now What?

Many teachers are using SMART Notebook to create their lessons but there really isn't an easy way to share those lessons with students unless it is in the form of a static PDF file.  The SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer is a game changer in that now students can be accessing your Notebook files and interacting with them in the way that you intended...all without a software license.

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