December 21, 2011

Tablet Quiz

Tablet Quiz is a website which allows you to create a survey or quiz and then turn it into an app for an iOS or Android phone or tablet.  I found creating a quiz on Tablet Quiz very simple and you can even include images, audio and video in your questions.  In one quiz or survey you can have up to 20 multiple choice questions with four answers for each.  Currently the app runs on iOS but not Android although it is in the works.  You can also run it in browsers such as Safari and Chrome which will run apps.  When your app is completed you will receive an e-mail from Tablet Quiz with a download link and code.  You can then send that along to those taking the quiz or survey.

Now What?

This seems like a quick and easy way to create a quiz for students in your classroom if they have access to an mobile device.  Being that the format is multiple choice only...this would have to be used as a quick assessment and not a check for deeper understanding.

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