December 15, 2011

Quick Screen Share

Anytime that I post a video where I'm demonstrating how to do something on the computer I am using a website called Screencast-o-matic which is free and simple to use.  Recently I came across a blog post about how that site is now offering users the ability to share their screen with someone else in order to show them something on the computer using what they call Quick Screen Share.  To use this site, you click on share your screen and then enter your name.  Quick Screen Share will then provide you with a unique web address to share with the person joining your screen.  When that person uses that link they will see your screen and your's that simple!  Another website that I have used that is similar is which I've written about in the past.

Now What?

Screen sharing websites are an excellent way to show someone how to do something on the computer or share a file without giving it to another person.  You can also help students with something on their computer when a written set of directions isn't cutting it.

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