January 30, 2012

YouTube Teacher Channel

Is there a better way to connect with today's students than video?  Many teachers will tell you that multimedia and video in particular is what is engaging to today's tech savvy students.  Those teachers are using YouTube on a daily basis to mesh with their lesson plans and instruction.  For quite some time, YouTube was a place where "anything goes" was the attitude.  Today is different.  EDU YouTube is now a place where teachers don't have to worry about inappropriate related videos or annoying advertisements surrounding their selection.  Furthermore, the teacher's channel on YouTube is an extraordinary place.  On this channel, you can search by content area as well as grade level to find videos that are appropriate for your students and focused on your topic.  

Now What?

Not sure how to incorporate video into your classroom?  Check out the video below for some ideas...

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Brandt Schneider said...

Should we have a school youtube channel?