February 23, 2012

Mentor Mob

Inquiry based learning is an excellent way to get students to independently discover and synthesize information. The old school method of encouraging this type of exploration was through the use of webquests.  Today, Mentor Mob is helping to make this task much easier.  The purpose of Mentor Mob is to allow you to collect various parts of the web and present them in one neat little package. I loved how easy it was to create a playlist on Mentor Mob and you can even import your own files (.doc, .ppt, .pdf and more) into the playlist.  Once the playlist was completed I could embed it or share it with a link or even post it to my social networks. Check out the playlist that I created on web browsers.

Now What?

Mentor Mob is an excellent site for sharing a lesson with your class.  I would definitely use this tool to assist with sharing resources for a project or guide their reading and viewing for a homework assignment.  Ultimately, it is a great way for you to eliminate the aimless searching that occurs online.  You could even take it a step further and have your students create playlists to share with the class.

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