February 27, 2012

Quiz Me Online

Quiz Me Online is a great site where students can interact with course content in a controlled study environment.  Students can meet up with friends called "study buddies" and study for tests or post questions and/or comments to a discussion board for study groups.  The first thing I noticed about Quiz Me Online was how much stuff they offered.  Most flash card sites like Quizlet and Funnel Brain offer some of the these features but not all of them.  Quiz Me Online offers quizzes, flash cards, study guides, notes, study groups, study buddies and messages.  Signing up is fast and easy as is getting started.  I can easily see the benefit of creating a class on Quiz Me Online and posting course study materials for them on the web.

Now What?

If you are looking for a way to organize your study guides and create some flash cards for students to use while studying online Quiz Me Online is a great solution.  To get started you might want to create some public flash cards and share the link with your students.  Once your students create an account they can join your class and also create their own study groups with their study buddies.

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