February 28, 2012

Quiz Snack

Quiz Snack is a great website for creating surveys, polls, and questionnaires for your class with real time results.  Quiz Snack has been busy since the last time I visited the site and it seems like the they have added some new features.  Most notable is the fact that now all of their embeddable widgets are created using HTML 5 so they will show even on iOS devices.  I also noticed that you can quickly share your polls on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Be sure to check out some of the other apps offered by Snack Tools such as Banner Snack which is a quick way to create a

Now What?

Wonder what your students are thinking?  Use Quiz Snack to create a short survey about an upcoming assignment to see if they need more time or ask how they liked the last project assignment.  You can also ask students to complete a poll in class to give you more information about what they know and where they are struggling.

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