February 13, 2012


Socrative is a web based student response system that is sure to turn your classroom into a data producing powerhouse.  Think about all of the questions you ask your students over the course of a lesson.  How do you know that each individual student is moving forward towards success?  Using Socrative you can embed little "check in progress" questions into your lesson and have students respond using their computer or mobile device.  Socrative is web based but also allows for users with Android or iOS devices to respond as well.  This flexibility allows for all learners to access the content and demonstrate their level of understanding to the teacher.  For a brief overview of how you can use Socrative in your classroom, check out the video below:

Now What?

Using Socrative in your classroom will allow you to know instantaneously whether or not your students are moving at the pace you expected.  You can also share the results with them and review the areas were they struggled.  Socrative also provides immediate feedback to the students so that they know where they are with the lesson as well.  Some of the other response systems only allow for short answer but Socrative gives students the opportunity to type or text their answers in a much longer format.

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