February 10, 2012

Teaching Channel

I found out about the Teaching Channel from my favorite blog Free Technology for Teachers and I really believe that it can be used as a valuable teaching tool by educators.  As an educator, I was always wondering how other teachers would facilitate the lessons that I developed.  I also liked to have conversations with other teachers about strategies they were using and how the students responded.  On the Teaching Channel there are a number of lessons and strategies that you can watch and review.  These videos can be searched by content area, grade level and topics making it very easy to find something useful for your purposes.  Many of the videos on the Teaching Channel had an accompanying lesson plan that you could download and modify.  Below is an example of a video from a 7th grade math classroom using think-pair-share to practice simplifying expressions:

Now What?

As teachers we often find ourselves asked to do something new and aren't exactly sure how it looks and feels in the classroom.  The Teaching Channel gives you the opportunity to see a practice in action.  This is also a great place for you to find new activities for your classroom and students.

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Julia at Teaching Channel said...

Thank you for this great post about Teaching Channel.

We’ve added some new tools and resources on our website that you should check out – a new blog featuring the 2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Wessling as our writer and a lesson planner tool where you can save resources from anywhere on the web and schedule timely reminders.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on Teaching Channel videos and resources for teachers. Thanks for spreading the word about Teaching Channel!