February 9, 2012


zoom.it is a website that really likes high resolution photos.  Most of the images that you find online have a reduced resolution because of file size and the time it takes browsers to load them.  In the eyes of  zoom.it this is a sad occurrence.  Their solution?  Create an API that allows users to zoom in and out of an image with perfect clarity.  The catch of course is that you will need a high-res image in order for zoom.it to work it's magic.  zoom.it is easy to use.  You drop in the URL for your image (no upload capability) and then click "create it".  You will then have a nice short URL to share for your image or you can embed it using the HTML code.  Can you find Waldo below?  Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.  You can also click, hold and drag the image as well to move around.

Now What?

zoom.it is an excellent tool for a science classroom looking at dissection pictures or an art class looking at the intricacies of a Van Gogh painting.  It is also just a really neat image API that allows you to interact with your pictures in a new and exciting way.

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