February 16, 2012

We Give Books

We Give Books is a Pearson initiative devoted to donating books to those in need based on the number of e-books that are read on the website.  Currently there are 167 titles to choose from and read electronically for free right on the site.  The books on We Give Books are geared for readers up to age 10 and are a mix of fiction & non-fiction from a variety of authors.  Each week/month there is a new book posted and generally it is a book that is relevant to your classroom discussions (The Snowy Day, Henry and the Valentine Surprise) at that time.  One feature that I really liked was the ability to add books to your "library" where you can quickly find the books that you read the most or will use again in the future.

The way to support other less fortunate schools is to sign up for a campaign on We Give Books.  Once you have chosen a campaign you can continue to read as you would normally and each book that you read electronically will count toward their goal for that campaign.  I was able to create my account and sign up for their newest campaign, "Read For My School", in less than a minute.

Now What?

Head over to We Give Books and create an account.  When you get to the box that asks your school enter in "Seymour Public Schools" exactly as shown (it should pop up as you type) and your activity will begin to contribute to our goal of 50 books.  Once we hit that mark, we will be eligible to receive 500 books for our schools if selected.

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