March 2, 2012

Boom Writer

Boom Writer is a unique site where students can work collaboratively on the creation of a book.  I have seen this type of site before but this one is different because of the teacher control panel and the ability to purchase a published book at the end for $9.99.  Boom Writer allows students to work within a safe environment and create one chapter at a time.  The students then have the opportunity to vote for the chapter they think is the best fit for the story before moving on to the next part of the book.  When students sign up they can create their own avatar and then get points when their chapters receive votes.  Students can use these points to upgrade their avatar with virtual merchandise.

Check out the introductory video below for more information:

Now What?

Boom Writer is a great way to allow students to individually work on an assignment and then create a unified work.  Students will enjoy the avatar feature where they get points for having their chapters selected.  Teachers will find value in the fact that they can start the book (prompt?) and then have students take it from there.  Ideas for a your next unit (science fiction, comedy, etc.) and have your students use the characteristics of that genre.  You could also do a write-like and have students write like an author you are studying.

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