February 28, 2012

CNN Student News

CNN Student News is a great website for social studies teachers at the middle and high school level or for any teacher looking to incorporate thought provoking current events into their classroom.  Each day on CNN Student News there is a ten minute broadcast produced by the educators at CNN.  On the CNN Student News website there are even transcripts for the show, daily discussion questions and various other additional support materials to help students better understand the news.  You can even subscribe to the daily podcast and receive each new episode automatically.  Below is an example from a recent episode:

Now What?

CNN Student News is a great place to integrate current events into your classroom in an understandable language.  If you don't have time in the day, you can assign an episode for homework and discuss it the next day.  You could even have your students create their own broadcast using the show as a model.  For back episodes check out their archive.

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