March 30, 2012


ifttt is a site that I found through Twitter (@russgoerend) and is a great way to put the web to work for you in order to be more efficient/connected.  It's also another testament to the power of the web and open source.  On ifttt you can create if/then rules (called recipes) for your favorite social sites.  For example you can create a rule that anytime you star an item in your Google Reader account it will be dropped into an Evernote notebook.  Click here to see a list of connected services (I was very impressed) on ifttt.  With all of the various social sites that have nestled their way into our hearts, ifttt could be a great way to connect them all together and be more efficient with your time.

Now What?

To get started check out the recipes page where you can find what other users have also created and put them to work for you.  I immediately activated a Twitter recipe that will reply and thank any user who retweets or mentions me.  This is awesome! For teachers you can even tag YouTube videos to watch later and they will automatically be downloaded into your Dropbox account!

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