March 30, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 4

This week's assignment will use a website called ThingLink to create an interactive image.  This is a great instructional tool for teachers to use in the classroom but also can be used for an outside of the box presentation.  ThingLink is a website where you can add multimedia content to a static image and share with others so they can view it.  Check out the assignment and tutorial below for more information.

Website: ThingLink

Activity:  Assign an image (or have the students choose) and ask each student to include a certain number of hot spots with information related to the image.  An interesting use could be to have each student create an interactive image of themselves to share with the class.  You could also have them use an image of a natural disaster, periodic table element or painting.  The purpose of the assignment is to encourage students to further the understanding of a topic by adding relevant media to an image.  For more assignment examples check out this Google Doc.

Example:  The Human Heart


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