March 26, 2012

One True Media

One True Media is a great website for creating video projects using images, video clips and text.  I got an e-mail recently from them asking me if I wanted to keep my old videos (forgot I had created any) which prompted me to visit the site and review it...again and I was really glad that I did.  This site is crazy for a free video editor.  You can upload a variety of images and video clips in many different formats (including .3gp which is mobile phone video) and then create your free video using lots of styles, effects and transitions.  Some of the features that I liked the most on One True Media were the ability to upload your own music, customize EVERTHING, HD style packages, and the ability to create text slides and customize captions.  You can even share your project with others so they can upload video and images.

Now What?

One True Media is a great site for creating digital stories in all content areas.  Have your students create a public service announcement to raise awareness about a pressing issue or current event.  You can also use a digital story assignment to have them explain something that you have covered in class using the caption features.

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