April 6, 2012

Fetch Notes

Hello cloud based sticky notes!  Fetch Notes is a super simple site which allows you create notes on the web or via text/e-mail.  It is definitely a no frills way to put your thoughts down on "paper".  Using Fetch Notes you can create uncategorized notes or you can use hashtags to group notes together.  For example, if I want to create a "to do" list (or my wife's list for me to do) I can use #todo in front of my notes and it will group all of those together.  You can also use text messaging and e-mail to create or add to your notes too.  One feature I found to be pretty cool was the ability to text the site and have your notes returned.  If I wanted my #todo list sent to my phone I could text Fetch Notes fetch#todo and they would send me all of my notes with that hashtag.  Pretty cool!

Now What?

Fetch Notes could be a great way for students to take notes in class and organize them in one location.  Some students might like this service because of the text feature and the ability to recall notes via text.  There will be a group feature coming shortly where notes will be able to be shared among a group of students.

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