April 5, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 5

This week's assignment will use a website called Fakebook created by classtools.net to create a fake Facebook profile page.  I really love how simple it is to create this profile and the ability to really get creative with the posts and comments.  We all know how pervasive Facebook is in our society and this is a great way to make learning authentic for your students.  Check out the assignment and tutorial below for more information...

Website:  Fakebook

Activity:  Have your students create a Fakebook page for a book character, a famous person or even a famous landmark or event.  Another great way to use this website would be to have the students create a fakebook profile for themselves and then share them in class to learn more about each other!   The possibilities are endless.  If you are interested, I have also created some great resources for the creation of a profile including a graphic organizer for planning and a reference sheet...feel free to use them in your classroom.  For those with SmartBoards...check out this template for use with notebook.

Example:  Derek Jeter

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