May 4, 2012


Bitstrips is by far the best free comic strip creator that I have happened onto over the years.  I have tried several others such as Strip Generator or Witty Comics but Bitstrips has the most extensive collection of characters and backgrounds with the ability to create your own avatars for your comics and position them in just about any way you can imagine.  The biggest problem that I encountered while using Bitstrips was my overall lack of creativity and artistic talent (as you can see below in my first comic).  Some of the details about account, publish socially including embed feature, create multiple avatars and more.

Now What?

Bitstrips is a great tools for educators to use with their classes in place of traditional writing.  In a language arts classroom this would be great for dialogues or recreating a scene from a book.  In other content areas you can easily work Bitstrips into your classroom using the unit that you are currently studying.

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