May 9, 2012

BrainPOP GameUp

After receiving this month's BrainPOP newsletter, I was prompted to go back and check out their newest addition to the site called GameUp.  If you haven't likes playing video games and there has been a growing faction of educational pundits advocating for the use of instructional gaming which could be the next big push in educational reform.  The GameUp site currently offers instructional gaming in the areas of math, science, social studies and health.  Their newest offerings include Flower Power where you learn to grow and harvest flowers through decimals and fractions, geometry lessons in Pyramid Panic, Master Mines which teaches about different minerals, and Coaster Creator which focuses on potential and kinetic energy.  For more games and to search by subject you can head over to GameUp to see what else is available.

Now What?

While checking out the newest educational games, be sure to stop off at the BrainPOP Educators site which has lots of resources including lesson plans and searchable academic standards.  If you or your school is interested in purchasing a license with  BrainPOP, which will allow you access to all of their content, you can use the code teacher_appreciation_12 when prompted and receive 20% off of your subscription through May 31st.  Also, if you have a classroom website you can check out BrainPOP's embeddable content like widgets and the movie of the day.

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